The Hedgehog

We rode out of town to the woodpile
Where we knew that old crooner would be
A creature who answered ‘The Hedgehog’
A spiny old vermin was he
We stood by his door with our pistols
And stared past the dust clouds inside
His home was just mess and disorder
Convicted we just opened fire

Oh he panicked to run
Out of the back and into the sun
The bullets did fly but his body was shy
Of the metal embrace from my gun

He was corned up against the barn doors
He scratched at the walls for the sky
His prayers for salvation were answered
When the fire from our weapons ran dry
Then one of the blood-gang got thinking
As big as a mountain is high
Lifted a rock up so easy
And hurled it towards hedgehog’s spine

Oh hear the crack
As bones are forced and bent back
He lay on the ground without breathing a sound
And we smiled at our winning attack

Now some months and days in the future
When the pearl moon was covered in black
I heard a familiar scratching
And I knew that the hedgehog was back
I went to the door and was greeted
By a spiky old grin from the dark
He’d come back to teach me a lesson
About waving your own hand of God

Oh you failed in your deed
You broke me but I didn’t bleed
It took me a while and there was no fair trial
But you can’t kill what lives innocently