Whether Sam has been digging holes on the East Coast of New Zealand or drinking Guinness from silver tankards in Hong Kong there has been music.

Teaching children on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Music.

Hunched over old books in the libraries of Canterbury. Music.

Looking after a small zoo of farm animals in Southern England. Music.

No matter what Sam has done throughout his life it has always been accompanied by a soundtrack of his own making.

Sam’s music is inspired by and reflects the environment he finds himself in and he is always most comfortable in Nature. Its ebbs, flows and cyclical breathing can be found woven throughout his music and his lyrics are laden with metaphors and lessons drawn from Her green bosom.

Sam has generated interest everywhere he’s been and everywhere he’s stayed long enough for people to formulate a sentence about him.

He bought his first guitar at the age of fifteen and has been writing music ever since.

Style has paralleled Sam’s own evolution from his Punk, Rock and Metal beginnings to the more introverted and earnest sentiments of his most recent acoustic creations. Despite swapping a distortion pedal for a banjo the rebellious punkish attitudes have never left him and conventions are something that he revels in twisting and moulding to fit his own purpose.

His inability to sit still and disobedience at being pigeonholed have continued to push Sam’s creativity.

The challenge for him is to create a unique sound without disregarding any inspirational heritage. To produce music that people can relate to, tap their foot to and be inspired to take a walk in the woods from.

The challenge for you is to catch an earful before he leaves for the next green canopy.

“This guy’s so good he can play a knife” – An American, Sardinia

“Just what I needed to go with the campfire” – Dishevelled Festival Goer

“Leaves audiences satiated with haunting melodies and intricate guitar accompaniment” – Fellow Musician

“This is fucking awesome!” – Heckler, Canterbury